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Beginning Again – Story Testimony

Story Testimony, Pola’s POV

250_ForMike_copyThe original story, Escape the Hezbollah, published by Rev. Samuel Stone, won the Small Publisher Christian Book of the Year 2010 Award and was a best seller when it changed to Abducted to Kill for Kindle – you may still purchase it there today in two volumes or purchase the original book at: Escape the Hezbollah and on Kindle at: Escape the Hezbollah for Kindle. But the story almost stayed on the top of Pola’s don’t-want-to-do list.

“The serious intensity of what happened to Christians in other lands did not appeal to my sensitive nature. In other words, I was upset that these things were actually happening and didn’t want anything to do with it. Open Doors and The Persecuted Church’s emails kept going in the trash bin on my computer. I was not about to open what felt was a can-of-worms to me. But God forced my hand.

First, at dinner after a long day’s shoot–while producing a video series in California–my DP and dear friend, Porter Versfelt, talked about his personal ordeal in Iran. His father worked on a pipeline there when he was a young teen. I felt we should be talking about the production we were working on and not about the problems in Iran, and so I tried to change the subject. The gentleman who hired me put a hand on my arm and said, “We should listen to this.” So I listened.

Next, I had a speaking/teaching engagement in India and could not afford the ticket/shots/and visa, which would amount to over 3,000 dollars.  Read more »