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Update on Our Film(s)

Mama We at Higher Ground Films are gaining momentum in our quest to build a viable company that will produce many ongoing films glorifying to God once Abducted to Kill is complete. Our ultimate goal is to build up and not strike down the great need for family programming that does not block out our creator.

So, hang in there with us. We are working behind the scenes, we are chipping away at our largest obstacle, and we are looking forward to getting full swing into production soon. In the meantime, join us on FaceBook, Twitter, and other websites where we are more active. We started the FB group, Christian Film Productions, and many companies and individuals with similar interests have connected. So, check out their news as well.

Every production company has needs and if you can fill any of those needs please make your contribution abilities known.

We are looking for producers, directors, actors, crew, investors, and just about anyone who is Divinely called to the exciting world of filmmaking (films glorifying to God). We are also looking for volunteers to help with keeping up our websites, and more. We will eventually train interns interested in being part of a vital start-up Christian film company.

For those who are interested in investing or trying your hand at investing or donating to Christian films, contact Bob (LR Bellmore) at Trillion Capital

Your comments, prayers, and suggestions are always welcome.


Lights, Camera, Action, Wait — Huh?

-6Hey there, Y’all,

Here’s my latest update. Sorry, it’s so late, but for the last few months we’ve been scurrying around and searching out actors and actresses for the film. We even checked out various directors. In the making of a film, we go through multiple processes and for me to do a feature film, it’s a learning process. My past expertise except for acting and writing has been in corporate, commercials, TV shows, and documentaries.

When God says to hurry up, it may turn out that after we finish one phase we have to wait before we begin another. It’s the waiting part that has us seemingly dragging our feet as we start a new company or, in this case, a new aspect of the film business.

The actual pre-production of the faith-based film, Abducted to Kill, would have begun in the fall of last year when the script(s) and proposal were completed. We wrote and rewrote our script and sent it in for evaluation. More rewrites and more evaluation came next. Now, we have a perfected blueprint.

ATKImage copyThere is investor activity in as much as the investment banks are now reviewing projects connected to the funding of the film. The old saying, “it takes money to make money,” sure fits here with the film business.

Mark 9:24 “As far as possibilities go, everything is possible for the person who believes.”

So where are we now? We have a promise of potential investment. We have done our blueprint over and over again and have perfected it, we have appropriate A-List actors and actresses selected and possibly a director, but there are some things we leave in the hands of others.

This is surely a learning process and someday we will be able to write a book on what we learned. In the meantime, we do continue to absorb knowledge as we wait.

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God—those whom he has called according to his plan.

Keep praying for us to succeed in securing the funding and getting commitment letters from the main performers we’ve selected.

Thank you. Keep looking up!