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A Story Filled with Romance and Suspense

ATKImage copyA story filled with romance and suspense. Joseph, a young Christian man, is abducted into the Hezbollah Army. He is forced to murder Christians and Jews. Facing impossible odds, he activates his God-given faith through courage to find a way out. http://abductedtokillmovie.com/
Please visit Indiegogo at the link below to find out how you can help get ABDUCTED TO KILL into production. Receive perks in return for your support. Thank You!
Abducted to Kill, the Christian movie

ATK is a unique Christian story of an American abducted into the Iranian army who fights to keep his faith and love alive. Please help us tell this story.

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LenaBlogTalk Featuring Lena Nelson Dooley Interviewing Pola Muzyka – Abducted to Kill Movie

Lena Interviews Pola

Lena Nelson Dooley speaks about our progress and her books on Gate Beautiful.  LenaRe-ATK_01

Check out our updates on the movie business connected to our Christian Books at:

Higher Ground Films and Abducted to Kill.

Our latest efforts are in securing the funding to our first Christian film. We hope you can join us in encouraging, promoting, liking our PR efforts, and praying for the success of this and future films. Thank you in advance.

Glad you could join me. Please join me also in the search for our lead actor. We found Azita (Nena Hashemizadeh). But where is Joseph? We will not rest until we find him.

Higher Ground Films is at the end of our planning stage. We will soon be ready to move into high gear. The list of cast members will be revealed at Higher Ground Films. Follow us there for updates. In the meantime, we are #searchingforjoseph.

Yes, we’re looking for Joseph and we will continue to look until we find him. Hope you’ll help. In the meantime read, Abducted to Kill, Volume 1, Terror Regime, and Abducted to Kill, Volume II, Sleeper Cells, to find out just who he is and what he’s been up to.

For those who are interested in an update for Abducted to Kill, the movie you can find more info on Facebook, at Abducted to Kill, the movie, at Higher Ground Films, or on the Christian Film Database–CFDb. We will have the website for Abducted to Kill, the movie up at http://abductedtokillmovie.com or abductedtokillcom shortly.

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